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People at Xtage Labs are often looked at the intersection of machine and humans. Conversations involve data and how our work impact businesses bringing data science as a competitive advantage for our clients. The primary force shaping Xtage Labs is not simply technological innovation - but also how we could use data science to improve decision making and bring out improvements in businesses, human lives and deep social changes.

To enable this, we rely on our team. And we are on a perpetual lookout of like-minded individuals who value relationships and see the workplace as an extension of their personal self aligning with the mission and vision that Xtage Labs has been founded upon. We are an equal opportunity employer, irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity and race. As long as you bring a unique perspective to the work we do, we would love to hear from you.

We are always on the lookout for Data Scientists

We are always on the lookout for Data Scientists with following qualification:

  • Has a very strong knowledge of statistics, especially Multiple Linear Regression
  • Has worked on one or more Regression problems on the job
  • Can work on both R and Python as per project requirement
  • Is able to explain the projects he/she has worked on with a clear understanding of the business goals
  • Experience of developing data stories on Tableau, R Shiny and/or Power BI
  • Has good command over written and verbal communication in English
  • Is confident and empathetic
  • Is not afraid to ask questions

We believe a data scientist should have a strong foundation of statistics, should understand regression very well and should be able to express using R and Python. Ability to convey data science to non technical audience and excellent communication skills is non-negotiable.

For other positions, we hire on a need basis. If you are a data engineer, backend developer, front-end developer or any other professional – feel free to write to us. We will write back whenever we find you a fit in our scheme of things.

Write to us to let us know that you are interested to be a part of our journey.