Case Overview

A media client generates marketing plans in minutes using text analysis (NLP).

The client is one of the Top 5 media agencies responsible for media buying and planning for their clients. Developing the media plan process was slow, manual and repetitive. Every time a new request came in, they would aggregate data from multiple internal sources, build the plan and share it with the client liaison. The whole process was notoriously slow. They were looking for a solution that could minimize their dependence on the data team and generate plans instantly.

Marketing spend plans delivered in minutes

The client wanted to serve their clients better, taking all the requests and necessary details through a conversational interface and minimize the time to serve

  • Average session time of 7 minutes on the bot
  • Average response time of 38 seconds to generate a marketing plan
  • Turn around Time (TAT) for generating marketing plans reduced by >80%

The conversational bot made the marketing planning process objective, automated and fast. The team can now have a greater focus on the strategy and campaign performance

Manual, slow and custom plans

The media agency had a defined process to generate media plans. Every time a new request from a client’s planning team came in, the entire process of registering the request, getting the right data and plan customization was triggered.

Not only being slow, it created issues with manpower management, multiple back and forth with the clients and less than optimal turn around time for the customers.  Their biggest issue with creating an automated platform was the multiple versions of data stored across systems. Serving multiple clients through same systems was slowing down the data pull requests and impacting database performance. All these was leading to a manual, inefficient and utterly complex planning process. They were looking for a solution that was usable by non-technical users, allowing them to focus on strategy and performance.

Machine learning based marketing spend planner

The conversational chatbot automated the queries that were being sent to multiple databases – reducing variability with better optimization and faster results. The media agency was able to differentiate itself, with faster turn around time with natural language processing (NLP) based custom marketing plans.

The media agency is now able to:

a. Generate marketing plans within minutes leading to higher focus on strategy and execution

b. Standardize and create efficient process for the marketing planning process

We built a solution that the experience of interacting with a human media planner, blending in the benefits of a NLP driven conversational chatbot.