Case Overview

A health focused non-profit used web-based LF & routine immunization program monitoring system .

The largest health focused non-profit in the world was running a fund to achieve immunization SDG goals in India. The nature of the program required them to hold immunization activities in remote locations across the country. Since the staff was spread across India, it was important for them to develop a web based system of program monitoring that could be assessed anywhere from India and abroad. We developed program monitoring solution for them.

Program Monitoring at scale

The non-profit wanted a solution that was mostly visual, had an excel based data upload system and easy to follow.

  • A web based data upload system with excel based files
  • Visual dashboard, with intuitive colour coding makes it easier to understand
  • District level interactive graphs for indicator based monitoring

The system provided sharing of reports & dashboards from within the tool. This enabled the non-profit to collaborate with colleagues spread across the country.

Scattered Data. Scattered Team

The non-profit was focused on two immunization programs - Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) and Routine Immunization (RI). The program monitoring system had been designed for offline reporting. The non-profit was facing multiple challenges with the monitoring of the platform. They wanted to monitor both the programs in real-time, as soon as some program data was available. As the decision makers used to be located across offices, a web based application was the need of the hour.

One of the major challenges to building the system was the infrequent data. Sometimes, data would be available within days, and not even for months at other times. Besides, the team used to travel a lot – and sharing and working on multiple versions was becoming cumbersome – for program monitoring and to track the progress.

Intuitive, quick and visual

One of the challenges in developing a web based application for non-profits is the simple, intuitive and visual requirement.  

BY the nature of the program, a major part of the work is done in remote locations having internet connectivity issues. People who are responsible for data entry may not always understand the importance of accurate and quality data. Data validation within these tools therefore become most important – as, if not with proper checks, the data quality and decisions made on the basis of such data may lead to undesired outcomes.

We therefore placed emphasis on seamless data upload through excel, a colour coded, interactive set of visualizations and robust data validation checks. The team is using the platform for program monitoring and progress towards immunization goal.