Case Overview

A retailer used search engine optimization (SEO) for Amazon to boost ranking on Amazon searches.

The client was generating about 60% of their sales through Amazon. However, they were still thinking of SEO from Google perspective. And they were doing well on Google searches, having invested a lot of time and money to appear in top Google search results. They were not looking at Amazon searches differently – which resulted in less traffic and fewer sales. Amazon searches are focused on buying intent, and sales takes priority. Amazon SEO should therefore be viewed differently.

 Amazon ranking begins with search behaviour

Users have two ways to buy on Amazon: directly from Amazon or from one of the retailers selling the product on Amazon. For Amazon SEO, sales is the single most important factor.

  • Amazon SEO provides higher importance to searchability of a product and sales
  • On page optimization covers product title, product information and images
  • Returned goods are rated as negative and lower the ranking

Multiple things need to be addressed to improve ranking on Amazon. The goal was to figure in Top 3 search results and stay there.

Amazon SEO different from Google SEO

The retailer had spent a lot of time and effort on Google SEO. However, they noticed that more than 60% of their sales was being generated through Amazon. And when they examined their search ranking performance on Amazon – the results were underwhelming. They realised that Amazon search ranking worked differently compared to Google, and required attention.

Amazon has a comprehensive system for categorizing its products. When a potential buyer searches for a product, the results could be displayed either in list view or gallery view. With the right keyword bidding, retailers can optimize the sponsored product listings for Amazon. Most buyers don’t look beyond the first three search results. As Amazon features a search engine, that means SEO becomes critical to success on Amazon.

Amazon is used ~4 times more than Google for product searches

Amazon SEO helped the retailer understand the differences between user intent on Google search vs. Amazon search.  

The results shown on Amazon searches are driven by buyers’ past purchases, shopping preferences and other factors including:

a. Quality of product information that includes title of the product, product details and images

b. Seller performance - responding to user queries, responding to user reviews and comments are decisive factors

c. Product reviews and seller ratings are important factors in search ranking

SEO helps gain rankings and visibility on Amazon.