Case Overview

A top Vietnamese privately held bank utilized Vietnamese NLP techniques to generate insights from social posts.

The Vietnamese privately held bank was planning to engage with it’s fans on social media. They did not have a clue of the best social media channels to begin their social efforts. Besides, there are local forums that are more popular than Facebook and Twitter, given the cultural fit and the presence of more active and visible Vietnamese user base. They wanted to look at their competitors and identify the forums most suitable for a focused social media marketing efforts.

Social media doesn’t just drive opinion

The banking client used the analysis to generate insights – the most important being – social platforms are much more than opinion driving platforms.

  • Identified six social platforms – including four local and more popular ones
  • Reduction of 40% in turn around time (TAT) on user complaints
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking at product and service level

The bank has a better understanding of the strength (and weaknesses) of each platform, and has used our analysis to build an automated reporting system for social media.

Non-English conversations. Local slangs.

The Vietnamese client is one of the Top 3 privately held banks in Vietnam. They are growing at a healthy pace and desire to engage with fans on popular social media platforms to boost brand visibility. They also wanted to look at competitors and establish themselves on platforms where competitors were already active and had a fan base.

There was one problem though – to build a manageable, scalable social media marketing function, they needed to utilize technology driven solutions. And all major solutions did not provide support for Vietnamese language – the primary language of communication on social platforms in Vietnam. Another significant problem was the use of slangs, spellings and language that was not standardized and could not be processed through an off-the-shelf solution. A third, but minor problem was the popularity of local social platforms.

One more window to look at the world…

The Vietnamese banking client was able to leverage our strengths in designing the Vietnamese natural language processing (NLP) based text analysis solution from scratch.  

A major challenge for us was the identification on non-standardized language – slangs, local context and misspellings. We navigated these through local language experts. As a solution, we developed an automated monthly reporting system that allows the client to:

a. Identify posts and sentiments associated with the posts across global and local social platforms

b. Monitor the activities of the competitor

c. Extract product and services attributions in the posts and monitor sentiment on those.